Monday, February 3, 2014

Monthly Overview - January 2014

Haven’t started the second season of Silver Spoon yet, though I will soon. Anyway, you guys know the drill.


12. Pupa – 02 – (Indifferent) - I intended to finish the series since each episode was only five minutes, but yeah, I couldn’t muster up the will.

11. The Pilot’s Love Song – 03 – (Indifferent) - Harry Potter + Last Exile - interesting characters - steady pacing = Pilot’s Love Song

10. Strange+ - 04 – (Indifferent) - *Shrugs* It’s not fast paced and quirky enough to work as a short for me.

9. Samurai Flamenco – 14 – (Indifferent) - Ugh, I just don’t give a rat’s ass anymore.


8. D-Frag! – 05 – (Enjoyable) - I’m able to tolerate most of its harem hi-jinks because the whole game club thing plus the inane oddball cast is pretty damn amusing. Also, the fact that the game club goes beyond simply addressing video games and focuses too on card games, tabletop games, etc. is cool stuff.

7. Tonari no Seki-kun – 05 – (Good) - I’m still hoping for the two to fall madly in love.

6. Pupipo – 07 – (Good) – ParaNorman, except without the preachy themes and utilizing its concept far better. Its setting, accompanied with whimsical visuals and a delightful soundtrack, give it this sort of enchanting Ghibli vibe to it. Not to mention it has some of the best pacing I’ve seen in a short. Oh, and Po is great.

5. Space Dandy – 05 – (Good) - Yeah, wasn’t huge on this series at first, but overtime I’ve grown to love the setting and the silly scenarios. (That whole zombie shtick was way fun) However, I’m still waiting for that extra “something” from the cast, not that they’re bland, but just that they’re lacking the special “oomph”, you know? There just not as appealing and distinguished as they could be. The fifth episode did showcase a more caring side of Dandy and that was cool.

4. Noragami – 04 – (Good) - Read a fair bit of the manga, didn’t like it and dropped it. This adaptation, however, is impressive. It’s cut off all the excess fat of the source material and managed to breath life into originally dull characters. Since episode one, the execution has been stellar throughout. It just sucks that the actual story remains quite dull even with Bones’ best efforts. But still, very solid stuff and the soundtrack is the best I’ve heard all season.
3. Kill la Kill – 16 – (Great) - Past few episodes have a been a bit dull, but the most recent one revealed that the Life Fibers are actually extraterrestrial creatures and have already been spread around the world like a virus. That info right there pulled me right back into the experience. I except the next few episodes to really kick ass.
2. Inari KonKon – 03 – (Great) - The plot is mundane and far from innovating, but on a feel good character-driven level, it works surprisingly well. Every character is faulted and awkward and I dig that. Their problems aren’t on a superficial level but on one that’s relatable and endearing.
1. World Conquest: Zvesda Plot – 04 – (Awesome) - So, as expected, World Conquest has finally taken a more serious direction with the fourth episode, but the quality remained just as strong. It masterfully drove the overarching story, developed its side cast and kept a sense of fun throughout; something many series can’t  juggle.

Third episode had to be best episode so far of the year. It targeted smokers and the peeps who fight against smoking, presenting it so outlandishly, so ridiculously and yet so, intelligently. I’m still not quite sure just where exactly this show is taking us, but, as of now, it’s pretty damn awesome.


  1. Oh you dropped Flamco just before episode 15 which was much better then the rest. My main issue with the show is always how lifeless everything felt despite the twists being thrown around. Its interesting conceptually but not really the most entertaining watch. But episode 15 was actually fun and also might lead to a more personal issue linking back to the beginning.

    Kill La Kill (I'm in love), World conquest, Pupipo are my favorites atm.

    Space dandy (episode 4-5 were great) and seki-kun are good too.

    Still watching strange+ because its short (though I agree with you on it) and waiting for more Robot girls Z .

    Dropped Noragami because it bores me to no ends.

  2. Ah, I'm glad to see someone else enjoying PuPiPo! <3

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