Thursday, January 23, 2014

Top Films of 2013/Important Notice

Things have hit the fan in my personal life and I’m going to be even busier than ever. I’m putting League of Legends on hold. Putting Lord of the Flies and Catch-22 on hold. Putting a bunch of other junk on hold and, of course, that means blogging too. I’ll try to fit in a podcast this month along with the usual monthly overview, but don’t expect much other than that. 

I know it’s been like this for a while now, but in mid February I’ll be back to the usual 3-4 posts a week. In the meantime, enjoy this non-animu post about my favorite films of 2013. 

10. You’re Next

7/10 - I’m sick of most horror films these days, especially those home-invasion shit. But, aside from the terrible acting, You’re Next is surprisingly quite solid, playing tropes right with punctuality, self-aware black comedy and throwing in its  own clever twist in the final third. 

Still it was just a  home-invasion horror with nothing that really wowed me, but for what it was, it was impressive. 
9. Prisoners

7/10 - Yeah, it’s got its annoying Oscar-bait moments and, yeah, it’s certainly not as profound as it presents itself to be, but the situations and characters are believable. It did a great job capturing the dread and the vengeance and the bitterness we come to see from everyone, especially the father. 
8. The Way Way Back

7/10 - Just like I’m getting  sick of most modern horror flicks, I’m getting just as tired with all those teenage coming of age stuff. Here though, the dialogue is cheeky, shrewd and truthful. The awkward adolescence stuff is pretty charming and relatable. And yeah, the romance was cute. 

Shame that things fizzled out with results not to my liking, but in the end, it left with me a smile on my face.
7. Don Jon

7/10 - Don Jon’s that popular cool guy at high school who grates on your nerves cause there’s this arrogant aura flowing right outta him. But, he comes up to ya, talks to ya, gets to know ya a little bit better and eventually you guys become friend. You realize he’s not that bad. He’s kinda charming and he’s strong-willed.  (Still got that annoying arrogant aura though.)
6. Gravity

8/10 - The writing isn’t that special, it’s Alfonso Cuaron's directing that makes this movie kick ass. The cinematography is stunning. It’s exhilarating. It’s adrenaline-pumping. It’s just damn impressive. Once things get into high gears, it stays in high gears. No stalling, no stuttering, just fantastic execution throughout.
5. Her

8/10 - Not my favorite Spike Jonze film,  but still damn good with exploring and digging deep into the most sensitive crevices of love. Humans are slaves to that powerful emotion. You can't just fight or deny it. This film exemplifies just how desperate peeps want to scratch the itch of loneliness away. How they'll fly into ruins over the smallest things and pounce right at the first chance of feeling that feeling again. 

The film is filled with some slip-ups and personally I wished they hadn't tried to humanize the computer so much as it would have pushed its themes about the absurdity of love even further. But regardless, Her is a film that triumphs beautifully in the end.
4. John Dies at the End

8/10 - This film is just the right kind of campy surreal shit that I eat up. I picked up the original  novel after watching this film and it's a shame that the adaptation completely butchered the romance and a couple other elements (this should have been split into two parts), but as a stand-alone film, it's just fucking entertaining. 

It's as most people say it is, Douglas Adams meets Stephen King. The visual direction is delightfully kooky, the acting is hilariously enjoyable and the story is just so fantastically out there. Even when the jokes and twists aren't inherently clever or funny, the presentation is just so passionate and eager to entertain that they never fall  flat.
3. Wolf of Wall Street

8/10 - Sarcastic social satire in its purest untainted form. It doesn't give a rat's ass, shoving all the offensive acts  our prick cast commits right into our faces. It's a 200-ton motherfucker of a train gone off the rails, smashing every materialistic building in its path and spiraling into a glorious explosive wreck. Yeah, in its rampage it gets a little too carried away and caught up with itself. But still. Awesome.
2. 12 Years a Slave

9/10 - I don’t condone slavery. It’s wrong. End of the story. However ,i’s never  really been something I've enjoy in the fictional story-telling medium. Nonetheless, this film was astonishing and brutally honest. Nothing reserved, nothing held back. Just laying down the whole truth and nothing but the truth with elegance and masterful narration. 

Every scene dragged out to perfect lengths creating heart-wrenchingly beautiful moments. Characters were just as powerfully acted as they were written. Just about every emotion was stirred inside of me.
1. The World’s End

9/10 - Absolutely adore this film. Think I’ve said all I can here.


  1. 12 Years A Slave was probably one of the more brutally emotional films I've seen in a few years. Really loved it though.

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