Thursday, January 16, 2014

Honest and Objective First Impressions - Part 3

Sorry, it's been a full week since I last posted, huh? (No duh, Deadlight. We're not fucking twits)

I'm trying to write 50,000 words before the end of this month, like I stated I would, in this unofficial National Novel Writing Month thing with a bunch of other peeps. Also, I'm just terrible at spending my time wisely. A couple "acquaintances" lured me into League of Legends.

But anyway, five impressions like always and my last five too. Anything that I haven't addressed yet will be mentioned in the monthly summaries.

He has his annoying quirks, but I've usually dug Akiyuki Shinbo's directorial style. The problem is, the works he chooses to direct tend to clash badly with said style. Nisekoi, my God, is the perfect example. Generic romantic comedy meets artsy visual direction. The two clashed as well as oil and water. So bad, in fact, that I cringed the whole way through. 

Grandiose direction works fine in EF - A Tale of Memories and White Album 2, that kind of directing heightened strong emotions of the moment and fleshed out its mood and atmosphere. Shinbo's directing did none of that here. It was just flare just to be flare. 

And aside from the directing, the series just doesn't play out character stereotypes well, the story is recycled garbage and it passes over the top yelling for humor. 

Only thing I can say that I liked were the character designs. The girls are pretty hot and I hear even more hot female characters join the scene. But yeah, that's not a strong enough factor to get me to shit through anymore of this junk.
World Conquest: Zvezda Plot

Tensai Okamura's second original work. First being, his masterpiece, Darker Than Black. 

Here, he takes a less serious approach with an arrogant (but kick-ass) loli vowing to take over the world, giant octopus monsters, military tanks, hot sword-wielding girls, silly costumes and masks, fantasy elements and the typical lovable loser male lead. 

There's bundles of potential and ambition set with delightful directing, solid pacing and quick-witted dialogue. Already, this thing's showing a ton of promise.


It didn't work the short format as well as most do, but it was quite amusing, nonetheless. The jokes felt much along the lines of the cartoons I used to watch early in the mornin'. Not as funny, but again, still amusing.

Sister begins her walk home from school. Said sister passes some creepy witch with her deformed cat. Creepy witch tells her to avoid the red butterflies. Said sister doesn't and instead stares at them with awe when she encounters them.

Then a dog explodes. 

Then there's oodles of blood, gore and censorship. 

Then said sister becomes a satanic mother fucker. End of first episode.

Yeah, what the hell? Here, we see when the short format fails miserably.  There seems to be an interesting story, but with such short time it's impossible to take anything in at more than face value. And isn't the driving force of the story suppose to be the strong bond between the sister and the brother? Yeah, that got completely marred in this adaptation.

Even with all that said, it was still entertaining with just how sporadic everything was. So yeah, might just finish this series for the unintentional comedic gold here.
Inari Konkon

Wow, was the plot for this episode boring as shit. 

But the characters, on the other hand, I think I like 'em enough to give this thing another episode or two. The female lead's cutesy awkward personality was actually kinda relatable. Her love interest is just as clutzy and far from being that perfect "girl wooer" I was expecting, so that was pretty cool. Also, I really dug the Fox God and later on she's suppose to fall in love with the female lead's older brother. 

I'm so down with that.


  1. So you're still writing that novel of yours. HAHA. I'm pretty stuck in mine, because I just reached a dead-end. Well anyway, goodluck with that!

    I think I'll check World Conquest though, and I'm kind of disappointed with Pupa.

  2. The Nisekoi anime was a very disjointing experience for me, too. You might want to check out the manga, preferably the oneshot (Chapter 0) because it actually goes somewhere.

    1. Yeah, I read a bit of the original manga, wasn't a fan. I didn't know about the one-shot though. I'll check it out.