Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is a Poorly Directed Anime

Really loving Bahamut this season, but if there's honestly one anime that's really been running through my mind the most, it's KimiUso (or Your Lie in April). I know while I watched the series, that I always felt uncomfortable and perturbed by what I thought the series conveyed. Then I noticed that many manga readers, fans who were familiar and initially fine with the story, stating that, they too, were also feeling conflicted with the adaptation. I wanted to dig into why this was and so, with my animu blogger and buddy, Frog-kun, we wrote an editorial on the matter that y'all should all read over here.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Grisaia's Cinematography vs. Amagi's

Real surprised that people are praising Grisaia for the beautiful cinematography. If anything, it's the worst looking first episode I've seen so far. Even Terraformars' shoddy cinematography just struck me as complete laziness and lacking any basic knowledge of how a shot works. Here, the creators obviously have some understanding of cinematography from a surface level, they just don't how it all connects on a deeper level.

I hope any readers won't find this article too "nit-pick-y", since most pay heed to the writing and the general surface level of direction. However, for someone who's passionate about the visual arts, I want to argue that, as stated in an answer, cinematography is similar to the prose to a book. You can have something interesting to say, but it means jack shit if you don't know how to say it.

Cinema is a language and, like any language, it's not something you understand overnight. I'm no Stanley Kubrick or David Fincher, but over the years I've been striving to learn everything about cinemaitc language so I can become like them. Over the years, I feel like I know enough to try to give you readers a taste of why this language means so much to me and why Grisaia's cinematic language is only of a beginner's.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gone Girl - Movie Review

Gone Girl is David Fincher's "Finchiest" film yet and the most fun he's had since his 1999, Fight Club. It's also much nastier than Fight Club. Sheer off all the nihilistic, cynical muck from that film and at its core you'll find that it's a well-meaning tale about one man's loneliness and his desperation to connect with other people. Gone Girl's core is black and shriveled. It's pure concentrated nastiness; the trashiest of trash. But, oh, is it glorious fun!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Individual Details vs. The Big Picture

Should we be able to heavily criticize a story for plot holes and implausible logic when it succeeds in hitting home its major themes? And what about series that become too calculating to the point that it doesn't even propose a big picture? Flawfinder and I discuss matters with regular attendee, Bobduh (Wrong Every Time), returning guest, Appropriant (Perpetual Morning), and first-timer, Lemur (Generally Critical)

MP3 Download:


00:21 – Hooked on a Feeling (Blue Swede)
01:09 – Introductions
02:24 – Terror in Resonance
17:56 – Tokyo ESP
25:26 – Aldnoah.Zero
37:18 – Stardust Crusaders
48:38 – Tokyo Ghoul
52:54 – Outros
53:43 – Garden of Love (Meet the Feebles)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Seasonal Anime Podcast - Summer First Impressions

Finally back with another podcast. Flawfinder and I are the only regular attendees of this podcast as Landon had his birthday and Bobduh was on vacation. Joining us are returning guests, Appropriant (Perpetual Morning), BokuSatchii (SatchiiKoma) and Sorrows Neptune (AnimeisDead) along with first-timer Guy (Geekorner-Geekulture)

MP3 Download:

00:19 - Terror of Resonance OP
01:25 - Introductions
02:30- Tokyo Ghoul
06:37 - Terror of Resonance
13:35 - Barakamon
18:27 - Nozaki-kun
22:22 - Sabagebu
25:21 - Sword Art Online 2
33:06 -
39:49 - Akame ga Kill
45:20 - Sailor Moon Crystal
50:34 - Nozaki-kun ED

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Late Summer First Impressions - Part 2

Tokyo ESP

When you utilize “In media res”, you’re starting your story in the middle, or often the climax. You’re throwing the viewer right into the action, giving them a quick taste of what’s to come in hopes of hooking their attention and, like all forms of techniques to bait the audience, can often be a successful way of doing so. For example, Chuck Palahniuk puts this method to use quite often in his novels as a clever way of keeping the reader wondering just how point A results to what we saw of point B.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer First Impressions - Part 1

Quite a while since the last post due to a hefty plethora of “stuff” and a lackluster spring season. The new season of Mushishi, along with Ping Pong, were the only series I enjoyed thoroughly. Akuma no Riddle was trashy fun, brazen and taut in its absurd exploitation, only to deface its true colors with an atrociously buoyant ending. Knights of Sidonia initially garnered a positive response from me, but things progressed and all focus was lost on the elements that made it tick. Isshuukan Friends had to be the biggest disappointment. I gobbled up the first few episodes because of fantastic visual direction and how adorably endearing it was. But you can only be adorable for so long before that charm wears off.  Too much potential was left untouched. Too many opportunities, where the series could have brought meaningful character insight to the table, wasted. It was too reserved. Too fluffy. Too innocent. Fuck innocence. I wanted to see the series get its hands dirty.

But enough about that season. That’s old news. The spotlight’s on the summer season and what better series to kick off the first impressions than RAIL WARS! WOOT WOOT!